Water management for sustainable agriculture

by Prof. T. Oweis (Editor)
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  • Comprehensive review of the range of water resources, from groundwater and surface water to rainwater, floodwater and waste water 
  • Discusses advances in irrigation techniques, from surface irrigation and sprinkler systems to micro/drip irrigation and fertigation 
  • Assesses methods for optimising agricultural water use in rainfed and other systems

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Dr Gretchen R. Miller (Collaborator), Dr K. Rajkai (Collaborator), Dr F. Ács (Collaborator), Dr B. Tóth (Collaborator), Dr A. Makó (Collaborator), Dr Luis Garrote (Collaborator), Prof. N. Jovanovic (Collaborator), Dr S. Dzikiti (Collaborator), Dr M. Gush (Collaborator), Professor T. Shah (Collaborator), Dr Asad Qureshi (Collaborator), Prof. Dieter Prinz (Collaborator), Dr Alfieri Pollice (Collaborator), Dr Ramy Saliba (Collaborator), Dr Antonio Lonigro (Collaborator), Dr Z. Gao (Collaborator), Prof. Taffa Tulu (Collaborator), Prof. Megh Goyal (Collaborator), Dr Andrea Dührkoop (Collaborator), Prof. Oliver Hensel (Collaborator), Professor Munir J. Mohammad Rusan (Collaborator), Professor L. S. Pereira (Collaborator), Dr P. Paredes (Collaborator), Dr John Gowing (Collaborator), Dr Suhas P. Wani (Collaborator), Dr Kaushal K. Garg (Collaborator), Dr Girish Chander (Collaborator), Dr K. H. Anantha (Collaborator), Dr Susan A. Oshaughnessy (Collaborator), Dr Manuel A. Andrade (Collaborator), Dr Henk Ritzema (Collaborator), Prof. Wayne S. Meyer (Collaborator), Dr Mladen Todorovic (Collaborator), Dr Pasquale Steduto (Collaborator), Dr Chris Perry (Collaborator), Roberto Roson (Collaborator)
Publication date
July 09, 2018
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