Achieving sustainable cultivation of soybeans Volume 1

by Prof. Henry T. Nguyen (Editor)
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Soybeans are one of the most widely-grown crops in the world. As the world’s main source of vegetable protein, they have a wide range of food and non-food uses. Current yields need to increase significantly to meet growing demand but in a way that reduces input use, does not damage the environment and is resilient to climate change. This collection reviews the wealth of research addressing this challenge.

Volume 1 focuses on breeding and cultivation techniques. Part 1 starts by reviewing our understanding of soybean physiology and genetic diversity. It then discusses advances in conventional and marker-assisted breeding, as well as transgenic techniques, and their use to produce more stress-resistant varieties. Part 2 reviews key advances in cultivation techniques to make the most of these new varieties.

With its distinguished editor and international team of authors, this will be a standard reference for soybean scientists, growers, government and non-government agencies supporting soybean cultivation. It is accompanied by a companion volume that looks at diseases and pests as well as the crop's range of uses.

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M.B. Zhang (Collaborator), X. T. Chu (Collaborator), H. N. Su (Collaborator), A. H. Hastwell (Collaborator), P. M. Gresshoff (Collaborator), Dr B. J. Ferguson (Collaborator), Prof. Randall Nelson (Collaborator), E. E. Large (Collaborator), E. Beche (Collaborator), D. Mutoni (Collaborator), Dr A. Scaboo (Collaborator), Xiaobo Wang (Collaborator), Prof. Li-Juan Qiu (Collaborator), Dr Tri Vuong (Collaborator), Dr David R. Walker (Collaborator), Dr Wensheng Hou (Collaborator), Dr Heng Ye (Collaborator), Dr Babu Valliyodan (Collaborator), Dr Li Song (Collaborator), Dr J. Grover Shannon (Collaborator), Dr Pengyin Chen (Collaborator), Prof. Henry T. Nguyen (Collaborator), Dr Ailin Liu (Collaborator), Dr Wai-Lun Cheung (Collaborator), Dr Wai-Shing Yung (Collaborator), Dr Carol Lee (Collaborator), Dr Fuk-Ling Wong (Collaborator), Dr Kit-Wah Siu (Collaborator), Prof. Hon-Ming Lam (Collaborator), Dr Chengjun Wu (Collaborator), Dr L. Mozzoni (Collaborator), Dr W. Hummer (Collaborator), Dr G. Kaur (Collaborator), Dr J. Orlowski (Collaborator), Dr T. Carter (Collaborator), Dr B. Buckley (Collaborator), Dr Haishun Yang (Collaborator), Prof. Dan Reynolds (Collaborator), Roger W. Elmore (Collaborator), Dr Rodrigo Werle (Collaborator), Prof. Charles Wortmann (Collaborator), Dr Phinehas Tukamuhabwa (Collaborator), Dr Nathan Mueller (Collaborator), Dr Byron Zamasiya (Collaborator), Dr Kefasi Nyikahadzoi (Collaborator)
Publication date
May 31, 2018
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