Wicked Weather

by Warren Faidley (Author)
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For the past 30 years, Warren Faidley has forecast, intercepted, and photographed some of the planet’s most extreme weather and natural disasters. As a photojournalist, natural disaster survival expert, and adventurer, his expeditions have covered countless miles. Along the way, he has witnessed both the dark side and breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature’s mysterious ways. He has journeyed into the heart of darkness as hurricanes Andrew and Katrina brought rage and ruin to thousands. Tornadoes, firestorms, earthquakes, and lightning bolts are forever recorded by his cameras, but his memories are filled with the human elements of hope and survival. In this book, you’ll discover over 150 photographs that chronicle Faidley’s quest to find the perfect image in the midst of total chaos and will read about his adventures in the midst of the roar of an EF5 tornado, grapefruit-size hailstones, severe thunder and lightning storms, forest fires, and more.

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Publication date
July 15, 2018