Uncle John's Plunges into New Jersey

26 Loans, 1 years, One at a time

Uncle John takes a full-color plunge into the Garden State!

As the birthplace of baseball, the Boss, and Bubble Wrap—New Jersey has got it all, and Uncle John’s Plunges into New Jersey (Illustrated Edition) covers it all…in brilliant Technicolor!


This cool compendium is full of electrifying trivia and fascinating facts about the Garden State, but now it’s jam-packed with photographs and illustrations too! What kind of information are in these pages, you ask? Read all about…

• What to eat at a diner (breakfast...anytime…obviously).
• Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Shuffle.
• The parts of Ellis Island that aren’t in New York.
• Jersey Boys, Jersey Girls, and the Jersey Devil.


And much more! It’s the perfect gift for all New Jerseyans—whether they were lucky enough to be born in the Garden State or just always wished to be.

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Publication Date
August 01, 2015
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