Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Girls Only!

26 Loans, 1 years, One at a time

An entertaining almanac of fun-filled information…for girls only.

We locked the bad boys at the BRI in the water closet and let the fairer gender run things for a while. The result: For Girls Only! You’ll discover a secret stash of cheeky stories written for girls of all ages (but mostly pre-teens and teens). In what other book would you find fortune-telling tips through the ages, the recipe for Love Potion #9, and the origin of underwear? In no other book in the world! So unlock your inner goddess with . . .


* The woman who invented the bulletproof vest
* The Hungarian countess who killed for her beauty secret
* Ten teen gals who became millionaires (and spent it wisely)
* Guns and roses: the real-life story of Annie Oakley
* The not-so-glamorous life of a fashion model
* The princess diaries: horrific tales of intermarriage among the royal families 
* What movie stars wear during “nude” scenes and other cinema secrets
And much, much more!


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Publication Date
August 15, 2012
Page count