Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Presidency

26 Loans, 1 years, One at a time

They say that anybody who wants to be president should be automatically qualified for the job, and after reading this special “Chief Executive” edition of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, you’ll see why. We’ve dug up the most compelling and confounding dirt…er…statistics on these otherwise ordinary men who achieved great power. Which ones used it wisely? Which ones squandered it? And which ones would have rather been fishing? You’ll get an up-close and personal look at each Oval Officer. From the birth of the country to modern day yuks, Plunges into the Presidency is packed with more than 300 pages of amusing anecdotes, little-known history, fun quizzes, and more! Read about…

* Ford’s famous fall and other presidential gaffes
* White House ghosts
* Homer Simpson takes on the presidency
* Ails of the chiefs
* Was President Buchanan gay?
* Chief Executive Culinary Delights
* Mr. President at the bat
* Prezzy lols—including, “If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?” —Abraham Lincoln
 And much, much more!

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October 01, 2012
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