Noah's Ark Origami

by Seth Friedman (Author)
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Enjoy a flood of paper folding with this origami kit!

The account of Noah?s ark is more than just a powerful reminder of divine power?it is a classic story cherished by children and adults alike. The imagery of all the Earth?s creatures uniting in pairs on a single vessel has captivated readers over the millennia, and now that imagery comes to life with Noah?s Ark Origami


Complete with an in-depth account of Noah?s ark that includes historical information and maps, this entertaining kit also contains 30 sheets of 4? x 4? paper, 40 sheets of 6? x 6? paper, and 30 sheets of 8? x 8? paper so that each animal can be crafted to scale. The 112-page book is perfect for both Bible students and animal lovers, with easy-to-follow instructions for folding Noah, his wife, and ten pairs of animals. Plus, die-cut board pieces create a 3-D ark, perfect for housing your origami menagerie. 


Sure to unfold hours of enjoyment, Noah?s Ark Origami is a paper-folding collection of biblical proportions.

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March 01, 2015
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