Super Turbo Gets Caught

by Lee Kirby (Author), George O'Connor (Illustrator)
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Turbo finds himself trapped?in a mousetrap?in the eighth Super Turbo book!

It’s just another typical night for the Superpet Superhero League as they make their rounds at Sunnyview Elementary. All seems quiet as Super Turbo walks the perimeter of the lunchroom, until he turns a corner and spies a tasty midnight snack! Just as he wraps his mighty paws around the treat?SLAM!?the hamster hero finds himself trapped in a mousetrap. But the evil Whiskerface and his Rat Pack have been escaping these traps for years! Could the key to Turbo’s freedom lie in the hands of his greatest foe?

With easy-to-read language, illustrations, and comic panels on almost every page, the Super Turbo chapter books are perfect for emerging readers!

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November 13, 2018
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