Doctor Who: Who-ology Regenerated Edition: The Official Miscellany

by Cavan Scott (Author), Mark Wright (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

How many planets has the TARDIS visited?

Can you name the Doctor’s favorite Gallifreyan bedtime stories?

What’s the best way to defeat a Sontaran?

Put your Time Lord knowledge to the test with an extraordinary journey through fifty-five years of Doctor Who.

Now fully updated to take in the Twelfth Doctor’s final episode, this unique tour of space and time is packed with facts, figures, and stories from the show’s entire run. Peek inside the inner workings of the TARDIS, trace the Doctor’s family tree, and learn how to defeat his most fearsome enemies.

I imagine you have many questions. Fire away.

I might answer some of them…

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May 29, 2018
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