Politics, Propaganda, and Public Health

by Laura Crosswell (Author), Lance Porter (Author)
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Politics, Propaganda, and Public Health: A Case Study in Health Communication and Public Trust takes an in-depth look at Merck Pharmaceutical's groundbreaking launch of the Gardasil vaccination and ways in which new trends in pharmaceutical marketing affect public health awareness efforts. Prior to receiving FDA approval for Gardasil, Merck built up concern around the human papillomavirus through early awareness messaging. Though Merck's approach may have promoted inoculation efforts, the company seemingly crafted a product endorsement for Gardasil through its social marketing strategy and nationwide lobbying. The question is, do the ends justify the means? Crosswell and Porter use a unique combination of eye tracking data, in-depth interviews, and rhetorical analysis as they examine what happens to public trust when Big Pharma combines product marketing with awareness messaging. This book offers a platform for cross-disciplinary debate on the effects of direct-to-consumer advertising and proposes future courses of action for Big Pharma regulators and media scholars.

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April 30, 2018
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