Achieving sustainable cultivation of grain legumes Volume 1

by Dr Shoba Sivasankar (Editor), Dr David Bergvinson (Editor), Dr Pooran Gaur (Editor), Dr Shiv Kumar Agrawal (Editor), Dr Steve Beebe (Editor), Dr Manuele Tamò (Editor)
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  • Reviews key developments in understanding crop physiology and genetic diversity and how they have informed advances in breeding new varieties
  • Coverage of advances across the value chain for grain legume cultivation, from variety selection to post-harvest storage
  • Discusses the latest trends in disease, insect pest and weed management

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Dr Manuele Tamò (Collaborator), Prof. Barry Pittendrigh (Collaborator), Prof. Don W. Morishita (Collaborator), Dr L. L. Murdock (Collaborator), D. Baributsa (Collaborator), C. B. Singh (Collaborator), Prof. D. S. Jayas (Collaborator), Elizabeth Ryan (Collaborator), Indi Trehan (Collaborator), Kristie Smith (Collaborator), Dr Mark Manary (Collaborator), Dr Alan de Brauw (Collaborator), Dr Enrique Troyo-Dieguez (Collaborator), A. Nieto-Garibay (Collaborator), J. L. García-Hernández (Collaborator), P. Preciado-Rangel (Collaborator), F. A. Beltrán-Morales (Collaborator), F. H. Ruiz-Espinoza (Collaborator), B. Murillo-Amador (Collaborator), Dr Yinglong Chen (Collaborator), Ivica Djalovic (Collaborator), Prof. Kadambot H.M. Siddique (Collaborator), Dr P. Bramel (Collaborator), Prof. Hari Upadhyaya (Collaborator), Prof. Juan M. Osorno (Collaborator), Phillip E. McClean (Collaborator), Timothy Close (Collaborator), Dr Pooja Bhatnagar-Mathur (Collaborator), Kiran Kumar Sharma (Collaborator), Dr Shoba Sivasankar (Collaborator), Dr Diego Rubiales (Collaborator), Dr Bodo Raatz (Collaborator), Dr Jean Claude Rubyogo (Collaborator), Wilfred Odhiambo (Collaborator), Chris Johansen (Collaborator), Dr Laurent Bedoussac (Collaborator), E-P. Journet (Collaborator), H. Hauggaard-Nielsen (Collaborator), C. Naudin (Collaborator), G. Corre Hellou (Collaborator), E. S. Jensen (Collaborator), E. Justes (Collaborator), Prof. Samuel Adjei-Nsiah (Collaborator), B. D. K. Ahiabor (Collaborator), Dr Keith Thomas (Collaborator), Tolulope A. Agunbiade (Collaborator), Weilin Sun (Collaborator), Brad S. Coates (Collaborator), Fousséni Traore (Collaborator), James A. Ojo (Collaborator), Anne N. Lutomia (Collaborator), Julia Bello-Bravo (Collaborator), Saber Miresmailli (Collaborator), Joseph E. Huesing (Collaborator), Michael Agyekum (Collaborator)
Publication date
March 12, 2018
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