Investing in Financial Research

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Investing In Financial Research is a guidebook for conducting financial investigations.  The book lays out my AREA Method -- a research and decision-making system that uniquely controls for bias, focuses on the incentives of others and expands knowledge while improving judgement -- and applies it to all sorts of financial sleuthing from investment analysis to investigative journalism.
The AREA Method provides you with: defined tasks that guide and focus your research on your vision of success; a structure that isolates your sources, giving you insight into their perspectives, biases and incentives; investigative resources, tips and techniques to upgrade your research and analysis beyond document-based sources; exercises to foster creativity and originality in your thinking; and a sequence and framework that brings your disparate pieces of research together to build your confidence and conviction about your financial decision.
Financial decisions are complex and tricky --even for financial experts. Until now there hasn’t been a book that shows you how to conduct a step by step comprehensive financial investigation that ends in a decision. Investing In Financial Research is that book.

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Tony Blair (Introduction author)
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January 15, 2019
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