Collections Vol 13 N3 & N4

by Juilee Decker (Editor), Collections (Editor)
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Editor Juilee Decker’s introduction to the issue is followed by four articles covering: collections care informed by Native American perspectives (Jennifer Shannon); teaching historical research methods with archives as a test bed (Margot Note); historical markers, signage, and public programming online (Yun Shun Susie Chung); and building and managing a digital repository (Rebecca Bakker and Kelley Rowan). Fifteen book reviews covering a range of topics—from museums and innovation, collections and collecting practices, special collections, constructions of knowledge, and digital rights management and digital repositories. Reviews were prepared by Whitney Baker, Kirsten Belisle, Lee Andrew Hilyer, Mike Jones, Alexandra Libbey, Hannah Marsh, Margot Note, Yumi Ohira, Laura Osterhout, Laurel Racine, Ben Rawlins, Deborah Rose Van Horn, and Heather A. Wade.

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March 05, 2018
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