Broken Bits and Glitter

by Erika Worth (Author)

This is the story of a woman’s survival from a life filled with landmines of loss, betrayal, abuse, and abandonment. Erika sought to fight her inheritance of self-loathing through relationships, alcohol, drugs, and suicide. She shows us a tumultuous journey in her quest to find the father that abandoned her and ultimately, what she must face is her total abandonment of herself.

Erika’s path is littered with heartbreak and well-placed glitter that lights her way to self-awareness, always when she most needs encouragement to continue forward. Wounds transform into faith in a higher power and she eventually finds value in herself, despite the chronic voices in her head that tell her she is worthless.

Along the way, wisdom builds a passion to light the way for other women. Erika has transmuted her shame and pain into self-acceptance and courage. Her strength has built a platform for others to heal their voices and share their stories so that, as women, we are the support and foundation for all of us to heal. Our voices matter.

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Publication date
January 25, 2018
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