Psychoanalysis from the Indian Terroir

by Manasi Kumar (Editor), Anup Dhar (Editor), Anurag Mishra (Editor)

The focus of Psychoanalysis from the Indian Terroir is to connect problems around culture, family, traditions and the burgeoning political changes in the Indian landscape. The papers provide critical rejoinders to the maternal-feminine thematic in the Indian cultural psyche, issues around ethnic violence, therapist’s gender and political identity, narratives of illness and spiritual and traditional approaches to healing are some of the problems that are flagged in this volume. Editors, Manasi Kumar, Anup Dhar, Anurag Mishra open their discussion on what could psychoanalysis in India be like and what kinds of synergies and diachrony Indian thinking introduces to the mainstream psychoanalytic narrative.

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Erica Burman (Introduction author), Manasi Kumar (Collaborator), Anup Dhar (Collaborator), Anurag Mishra (Collaborator), Amrita Narayanan (Collaborator), Sabah Siddiqui (Collaborator), Bhargavi Davar (Collaborator), Urvashi Agarwal (Collaborator), Nilofer Kaul (Collaborator), Shalini Masih (Collaborator), Zehra Mehdi (Collaborator), Atreyee Sen (Collaborator), Ajeet Mathur (Collaborator), Sudhir Kakar (Collaborator), Alfred Margulies (Collaborator), Shifa Haq (Collaborator)
Publication date
February 19, 2018
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