Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?

by Nick Morgan (Author)
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Communicating virtually is cool--but it's often a bad connection. Communication expert Nick Morgan explains what's lost in virtual communication, how to guard against its risks, and how to ensure that the human richness of our messages gets through.

  • Clearly outlines the problem and what's lost in virtual communications.
  • Provides fuller understanding of the dynamics and risks of virtual communication than practical/tactical books, a kind of theory of virtual communication.
  • Cites/highlights much recent research to support his argument.
  • In addition to the theory, provides practical techniques to become a better leader and communicator in a more virtual world.
  • Book will be well-written, as are Morgan's earlier books.
  • Book will contain lots of engaging stories illustrating the slings and arrows of virtual communication, which many of us have experienced.

Audience: Broad general management audience including anyone who leads, manages, or works in virtual teams, participates in or leads virtual meetings, and who communicates using email, Skype, Slack, and other social media.

Announced first printing: 25,000
Laydown goal: 5,000

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October 09, 2018
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