The Divining

by Barbara Wood (Author)
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Bestselling author: Barbara Wood has sold millions of books in more than 30 languages, winning several literary awards and twice achieving New York Times bestseller status. The Divining HC has sold over 3,000 copies LTD.

Beautiful package, completes paperback editions: The Divining features a branded cover similar to all Barbara’s paperback backlist covers. The Barbara Wood Collection’s 17 books (Turner) have sold thousands of copies and all are now available in paperback.

Tie-in to Rainbows on the Moon new release and The Serpent and the Staff paperback release (10/28/14)

Wide appeal with Wood’s signature combination of history and romance: The Divining is a beautiful love story and historical tale at once, effortlessly weaving these two powerful elements together in typical Wood fashion that her readers have come to know and love.

Interesting setting: First-century Rome provides a unique backdrop to this epic story, integrating the history, culture, and religions of the era with historical accuracy.

Loyal fan base and worldwide success: Wood has a huge international following of devoted readers.

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Publication Date
May 01, 2012
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