The Kids are Smart Enough, So What’s the Problem?

by Richard W. Garrett (Author)
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There is a national crisis in education, and it’s not the highly-debated philosophical discussions or heated political arguments we are used to hearing. Survey data establishes the fact that classrooms throughout the nation suffer from the presence of a small percentage of misbehaving students. Teachers are ill-equipped to deal with these disruptive students, resulting in lost classroom time and demoralized educators who are perpetually blamed for the student’s bad performance. The root cause of these misbehaving children is not a lack of intellectual ability, but a lack of character and grit; the important noncognative skills required for success in life. The Kids are Smart Enough is a book of hope with surprisingly practical solutions revealed by listening to teachers, learning from data, and looking for the root cause. This book will help you to discover how struggling students can be reached and teachers encouraged.

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December 06, 2017
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