Driving Digital Strategy

by Sunil Gupta (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

A roadmap and best practices that allow firms to leverage existing assets and pinpoint areas where new capabilities must be developed.

  • Useful, clear-eyed framework: Gupta has an HBS- and real-world-tested framework to help readers know where to begin.
  • Freshly told stories that illustrate real business dilemmas: Gupta uses stories of well-known companies told with a new twist to bring home his point while also using lesser known examples to keep things fresh.
  • A wealth of deep knowledge brought to bear on one of our biggest business challenges: we all know that there are many books on digital transformation. Sunil lives and breathes this material and has a wide view of the landscape from his perch at HBS.

Audience: The primary audience for this book is senior executives of large companies who are navigating their companies through digital transition.

Announced first printing: 25,000
Laydown goal: 4,500

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Publication date
July 24, 2018
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