Reinventing Jobs

by Ravin Jesuthasan (Author), John Boudreau (Author)
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Two experts on human capital and work provide a practical framework for addressing the leadership and organizational challenges of automation.

  • Of all the books available on automation and artificial intelligence, this book provides the most "on the ground level" view on what leaders need to do to proactively drive the changes in how work gets done in their organizations.
  • Explains how automation requires organizations to rethink what a "job" really is and how it should be structured, in much the same way that Hammer and Champy's "reengineering the corporation" forced organizations to rethink how a "business process" should be structured.
  • Helps leaders cut through all the noise and hype around automation, AI, and robotics, and helps them become more capable of applying various types of work automation and AI to jobs in their organizations with a structured 4-step approach
  • Explains the three ways that jobs can be automated—robotic process automation, cognitive automation, and social robotics—and shows how each technology fits a different kind of work and has different implications for jobs and for the organization


  • Leaders in all industries and functions who want to understand how to employ AI to improve performance and drive change in how work gets done in their organizations.
  • HR professionals and organization consultants.
  • Anyone in organizations who wants to understand how their work and jobs may change.

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September 18, 2018
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