I'm Not Broken

by Christina DeMara (Author)
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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Are you ready to go from hopeless to seeing the horizon of change in your life? There are many things in life that break us or hold us hostage. What do you do when you feel broken and discouraged? Or when you find yourself unable to let go of the past? God wants us to come to him. We each have cracks and brokenness from life that only he can heal.

Christina’s creative and beautiful book gives you a way of seeing brokenness the way God sees it! And God sees us each of us as his masterpiece! Let Christina's book help you heal your brokenness! Through this interactive book you will move from hollow to heaven, from broken to healed, from the dark to the light. You will discover how surrendering and acknowledging your hurt and brokenness will bring you closer to God, so he can heal you.

I’m Not Broken was so inspirational and personal to my inner spirit. Author Christina DeMara did a beautiful job examining God’s Word, plan, and purposes in our lives during the activities of Pray, Reflect & Write, along with Open your Bible. This book expanded my faith and opened my eyes to the greatness of God and all truths and purposes of my life. Not once did I feel alone; I felt God’s presence with me the whole time.” —Noelia C. Perez, Catechist & Special Education Specialist

“Christina addresses the age-old question, Isn’t there more to life than this? Those of us who have struggled with emotional brokenness will find her practical insight the guidance we need to our emotional healing.” —Kim C. Steadman, Author of Denver the Recycled Dog children’s series

I’m Not Broken gave me the opportunity to express myself and connect to my faith. I love the reflections and how this book always takes me back to my Bible.” —Dr. Sofia Villarreal, Educator

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December 28, 2017
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