The Gift

by Jeri Anne Agee (Author), Bryan Langdo (Illustrator)
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A plucky girl from small-town Alabama is in for a big surprise!
Birdie Mae Hayes has pretty much the perfect life. Her best friend Sally lives just down the street, she's becoming friends with the new boy in town, and Halloween is coming up. Her little brother Bubba drives her crazy sometimes, but whose doesn't?

Except, lately, Birdie can't stop feeling like something is about to happen. Then she starts seeing things happen?before they happen!

It turns out her Grandma Mae has the same ability. But Birdie doesn't know if she's ready to take on the responsibility of this "gift." Still, with the right attitude and some practice, she could help a lot of people. One thing's for sure: life is going to be real interesting from now on!

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February 27, 2018
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