The Hour of All Things and Other Plays

by Caridad Svich (Author)
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Four plays by playwright/theatre-maker Caridad Svich (OBIE for Lifetime Achievement) – The Hour of All Things, The Breath of Stars, Upon the Fragile Shore and Agua de luna (psalms for the rouge) – explore the rough and necessary waters of citizenship under the effects of globalization and threads of human connection across multiple geographic landscapes. The Hour of All Things tells the story of an ordinary person trying to figure out how to take a stand against systemic oppression; The Breath of Stars is a radical, atomized reconfiguration of Shakespeare’s The Tempest seen through the lens of global capitalism in the digital age. Upon the Fragile Shore spans the stories of individuals in eighteen countries to focus on human-made environmental and human tragedies and their effects. Agua de luna (psalms for the rouge) looks at the tough and tender lives of immigrants and their adult children in Detroit as they struggle to relocate the power of myth in their everyday lives. With an introduction by Welsh playwright and director Ian Rowlands and essays by practitioners Zac Kline, Blair Baker, Neil Scharnick, Carla Melo and Sherrine Azab, this wide-ranging, daring collection of plays refuses to settle the complex and thorny questions of existence.

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January 03, 2018
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