Patient-Centric Analytics in Health Care

In Patient-Centric Analytics in Health Care: Driving Value in Clinical Settings and Psychological Practice, James J. Gillespie and Gregory J. Privitera introduce a framework that explores the utility of analytics for managing care that is based on six key inputs of the health care system: patients, policy makers, providers, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, and payers. Understanding the roles of these 6 P’s and the utility of analytics to promote data-driven decision models can lead to new innovations. These improvements can enhance quality, increase access, and reduce costs, and thereby drive value for the most important stakeholders in health care: the patients. As the accessibility and volume of data continues to increase, there is a growing desire to utilize data to guide and optimize decision-making in health care environments. There is a wealth of data in health care organizations and much of it is not fully utilized. In today’s climate, these organizations are under increased regulatory and financial pressures to deliver measurable value, particularly as it relates to the quality of patient care in clinical and diagnostic settings. This book includes short contributions from practitioners, including Laurie Branch, Puneet Chahal, Patrick C. Cunningham, Star* Cunningham, Matthew Dreckmeier, Joseph P. Gaspero, Sherri Matis-Mitchell, Gail Mayeaux, Edwin K. Morris, Plamen Petrov, Steven Press, Andrew J. Privitera, Derek Walton, and Daniel Yunker.

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December 13, 2017
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