Santiago Tales

by Terry Tumbler (Author)
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A group of retired people decide to embark on a pilgrimage to Santiago, in Northern Spain, under the leadership of an ex-detective and a few nefarious friends. The problem is that a number of them are not exactly devotees of any particular religion, and are doing it because they think it’s a fun thing to do while seeking entertainment and companionship on their journey of discovery.

Each evening, one person in the group is committed to telling a short story, and it is this collection of stories that forms the core of the book, whilst in the background tensions are brewing between various factions in the group that eventually lead to divine retribution. The inspiration for the style of presentation came from Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, but without delving too deeply into the poetry associated with the original masterpiece.

The material in the individual stories varies from the raunchy to the bawdy and from the hilarious to the sad, being based more often than not on actual experiences.

The style of writing is fully intended to be humorous, and should appeal to those who enjoy a good belly laugh.

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Publication Date
November 22, 2017
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