English Grammar - The Noun

by Roxana Nastase (Author)

English Grammar might seem difficult. It gets easier with examples and comparisons. You can master English grammar through conversational exercises. They will help you with everyday life in an English environment. The method was tested for several years on students between eleven and sixty-five years old and the results were astonishing.

This Grammar English Book offers grammar, fully explained and practiced through a variety of exercises; helps with developing and practicing vocabulary; is ideal for self-study or classroom use. There are regular consolidation units which help with the First Certificate and TOEFL examinations.



This is an ideal resource, helping with adapting communications by presenting English grammar structures. If you want to become fluent in English, this will help you reach your goal of becoming fluent.  The structure and uses of nouns are explained with detailed examples for each structure and are practiced extensively in exercises, which also help to develop conversational skills. This book has been developed and tested along several years. I have used the content of this English Grammar Book with very good results.

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Publication date
December 13, 2017
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