Transforming Medical Library Staff for the Twenty-First Century

by Melanie J. Norton (Editor), Nathan Rupp (Editor)
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The services provided by the twenty-first century medical library are evolving, from circulating print materials, interlibrary loan, and traditional reference desk services to services like in depth literature searches, systematic reviews, and research impact studies.

To support these changing services, the medical library must re-evaluate, reassess and redeploy its staff, providing them with new opportunities to grow and develop in new areas to support the evolving needs of the library. However, staff cannot be expected to embrace new roles without buy in, training and without developing a plan for assessing whether or not they are successful in their new roles.
Transforming Medical Library Staff for the Twenty-First Century focuses on how the medical library can redeploy its staff to support these new services through actively engaging and empowering them in the process.

This book shares best practices in developing and motivating staff to accept and welcome the changing priorities of medical libraries.

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December 20, 2017
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