Spotify, Music for Everyone

Spotify, Music for Everyone

by 50Minutes (Author)
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Find out how Spotify changed the way we listen to music in just 50 minutes!

Spotify is a music streaming service which was launched in 2008. Its freemium business model, which allows users to choose between listening to music for free or paying a monthly subscription to access an ad-free version of the site, has attracted 140 million active users (of whom 60 million are paying subscribers) to the site, and has generated billions of dollars in revenue, although the site continues operating at a net loss and has drawn heavy criticism from other major players in the music industry. In this concise and accessible guide, you will find out how Spotify revolutionised music lovers' listening habits, and discover how other key players in the music industry are reacting to this change.

In 50 minutes you will:

oLearn about Spotify's history, from its launch in 2008 right up to the present day
oUnderstand the site's freemium business model
oDiscover the how the rise of streaming has affected the music industry


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