Groupon, The Online Discount Phenomenon

Groupon, The Online Discount Phenomenon

by 50Minutes (Author)
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Find out how Groupon exploded around the world in just 50 minutes!

The online deal marketplace Groupon was founded in 2008 in response to ordinary citizens' declining buying power during the global economic crisis. Its initial success was astounding: its early growth outstripped that of Google, Amazon and eBay, and its value reached $1 billion just 17 months after its creation. However, cracks soon began to show as partners complained of being forced into loss-marking contracts and investors deserted the company in droves, causing its share value to plummet. In response, Groupon has taken steps to reinvent itself through its new marketplace and direct purchasing options, leaving many onlookers uncertain but cautiously optimistic about the site's future.

In 50 minutes you will:
oFind out about Groupon's business model and astonishing early successes
oUnderstand the reasons for Groupon's decline and the steps taken to remedy it
oIdentify Groupon's competitors and the challenges facing the company in future

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November 02, 2017
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