Modeling Technoscience and Nanotechnology Assessment

de Tomasz Stepien (Autor), Ewa Binczyk (Autor)

This book is presented by two authors who worked in close cooperation. The first part is written by Ewa Bi?czyk and discusses various postulates that have been formulated in response to the problem of the unwanted side-effects of the practical success of technoscience which derive from two theoretical perspectives: the study of risk and science and technology studies (STS), inspired by actor-network theory (ANT). In the second part of the book Tomasz St?pie? analyses and characterizes the nano-domain as an example of the development of techno-sciences. Generally, in the case of nanotechnology this book calibrates reciprocally to each other the indeed familiar but also slightly different theoretical approaches established in the philosophy of science and technology.

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10 de septiembre de 2014
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