Critical Theory and Critical Genres

by Jaroslaw Pluciennik (Editor), Michal Wroblewski (Editor), Charles Russel (Editor), Arne Melberg (Editor)
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This book is the result of a shared conviction of the necessity to advance the international discourse on criticism. What originated in ancient curiosity and developing self-reflexion became the critical thought of the modern era and then developed into a program of constant intellectual contestation and struggle allied with various ideologies to subsequently become an integral part of post-structuralist culture theory and recently the New Humanities, also known as post-theory. The book positions itself within contemporary considerations of the theory and practice of criticism and presents texts by established and rising scholars and provides greater insights into various aspects of Polish intellectual culture during the past decades. The publication constitutes an important voice in the discussion on criticism by demonstrating the specific theoretical and pragmatic perspective of the debate in Poland in relation to Europe and the rest of the (post)modern world.

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May 30, 2014
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