Queering Paradigms V

de Manuela Lavinas Picq (Éditeur), Maria Amelia Viteri (Éditeur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

The authors of this edited volume use a queer perspective to address colonialism as localized in the Global South, to analyse how the queer can be decolonized and to map the implications of such conversations on hegemonic and alternative understandings of modernity. This book is distinct in at least four ways. First, its content is a rare blend of original scholarly pieces with internationally acclaimed art. Second, it is a volume that blends theoretical debates with policy praxis, filling a gap that often tends to undermine the reach of either side at play. Third, its topic is unique, as sexual politics are put in direct dialogue with post-colonial debates. Fourth, the book brings to the forefront voices from the Global South/non-core to redefine a field that has been largely framed and conceptualized in the Global North/core.

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Marcelo Aguirre (Autre contributeur), Ana María Garzón (Autre contributeur)
Date de publication
18 décembre 2015
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