The Battle of Business

by Taos Wynn (Author)
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Do you leave work mentally drained, frustrated and exhausted from office drama? Are you tired of dodging every ploy and effort to present you in a negative light? Workplace adversity is tiring and far too common among many corporate settings. The gossip, backbiting, lack of trust, and willingness to consistently throw others under the bus is not only disappointing, but can also leave you with a feeling of defeat. And even though there is no perfect solution for imperfect working conditions, there does exist hope. Discover the power and advantage of learning to win in hostile work environments. The Battle of Business provides insight to obtaining daily victory on the job. So where others simply go to work – you will now go to win!

It’s time to prevail! The Battle of Business reveals the art of winning in a manner of excellence that betters others, the organization, and yourself while maintaining the true character of champions. Never feel as though you have to succeed at the expense of others and learn how to handle chaos in the corporate environment. The Battle of Business – Conquering Workplace Adversity is a comprehensive guide to winning in the midst of unfavorable workplace conditions. 

Seize the moment…The Battle is Yours!

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April 21, 2017
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