Dublin Folk Tales for Children

by Órla Mc Govern (Author)
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These stories are wild. These stories are magic. Maybe it’s wrong to try and trap them in a book. Maybe you should set them free and tell them. Some of these stories are strange and sad, some are a bit scary and some are a bit mad. The ancestors liked them, that is why they passed them down to us. Read them, tell them and pass them on!

These stories – specially chosen to be enjoyed by 7-11 year old readers – include ‘Mrs O’Flaherty’s Chimney’, ‘The Tailor’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Poddle Princess’ and all sparkle with magic and explode with adventure. As old as the mountains and the sea, they are freshly re-made for today’s readers by professional storyteller Órla McGovern.

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February 08, 2018
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