Handbook of Comparative Education Law

by Charles J. Russo (Editor)
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Each of the four volumes in this set, as well as each volume independently, provide comparative analyses for researches, practitioners, and students of the law and education
In examining law and education in various countries around the world. Designed to allow readers to learn from, rather than copy, the legal and educational systems in these volumes, the books are designed to generate thought and conversation on how education can be improved around the world. By having chapter authors, leading academicians in the home countries, follow the same template so it can be easier to compare similarities and differences, thereby helping to make the book user friendly. The value of these books is that they should help to enhance international awareness of the similarities and advantages associated with bringing together knowledge from various countries concerning education law.
Volume 1, covering the British Commonwealth Nations in the south west Pacific region, namely Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, provides detailed analysis of education law and school systems in these representative countries so researchers and students there and elsewhere can learn from one another.

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October 24, 2017
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