TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren

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Discovering that their allergy to the sea has a mystical link to their past, Marina and Perla have already begun to embrace their uniqueness. However, the shrill wailing coming from the ocean that only they can hear sends waves of terror down their spines. Join these teenage twins as they find out where they come from and experience new and perilous magical adventures while trying to protect themselves, their family, and their friends from a malevolent mystical creature with an enchantingly eerie song!

A continuation of TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach, Book One of the TWIN TAILS Book Series for children, families and mermaid fans, this modern tale centers around family, some autumn and winter holidays, and working together to overcome mystifying odds! Stay tuned for more of Marina and Perla's enchanting escapades in TWIN TAILS Book Three...targeted to be released in 2018! 

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October 01, 2017
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