Good Writing Is Good Business

by Margaret Chandler (Author)

Are you looking for a book that will help you improve your business writing and write more efficiently and confidently? And a book that will also serve as a reference guide and answer many common questions and concerns? Or are you an instructor looking for a book to help you deliver a business communications course or workshop?

Good Writing Is Good Business gives you the tools you need to communicate effectively. With dozens of examples and anecdotes, this practical, engaging, and well-priced guide is packed full of useful information.

What this book contains:

  • advice on prewriting and managing the writing stages

  • a business writer’s showcase—from the humble email to the sophisticated report to the chatty blog to the polished cover letter

  • a grammar and punctuation refresher

  • an overview of the principles of clear, concise, dynamic, and concise writing

  • a review of some of the tools and techniques of professional editors

  • sample print and online documents

  • exercises to reinforce the material, including an annotated answer key

  • suggested print and online resources and online tools

  • appendices, including one for writers whose first language is not English

Book details

Publication date
September 20, 2017
Page count