Lost Voice

by Debbie Major (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

You have one of two choices: break the cycle or shrivel up and die.

Your voice is a right bestowed upon you at birth. In an uninviting way painful events happen in your life and silence it. With torment you wear the scarlet letter around your neck in shame and distain. Visible like a branded animal for the world to see and feel. Worthlessness etched into your being and fibre oozing out your pores. Heading towards a slow torturous death!

For those who suffer with no identity voice purpose or say.

Author Debbie Major suffered from her voice being silenced early in life. No longer wearing the tread marks of other people’s hurt and anger on her back like a door mat she found a framework to regain her voice and shares openly. Discover your voice today.

By reading Lost Voice you will: stop the pain and abuse in your life, learn how to get to a safe place, live a positive self-image, define describe and differentiate your voice and discover love for you.

Standing tall one voice at a time!

DEBBIE MAJOR is an author, coach and speaker who helps people find the courage to stop the pain and love self, confidence to utilize one’s voice, and clarity to fulfill their calling. Debbie lives with her husband near Toronto, Ontario and they are blessed with two remarkable, intelligent and outstanding adult children.

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December 06, 2017
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