The New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus

by Shireen T. Hunter (Editor)
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This collection surveys the three South Caucasian states’ economic, social and political evolution since their independence in 1991. It assesses their successes and failures in these areas, including their attempts to build new national identities and value systems to replace Soviet-era structures. It explains the interplay of domestic and international factors that have affected their performance and influenced the balance of their successes and shortcomings. It focuses on the policies pursued by key regional and international actors towards the region and assesses the effects of regional and international rivalries on these states’ development, as well as on the prospects for regional cooperation and conflict resolution. Finally, it analyzes a number regional and international developments which could affect the future trajectory of these states’ evolution.

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Bulent Aras (Collaborator), Richard Giragosian (Collaborator), Mohammad Homayounvash (Collaborator), Shireen T. Hunter (Collaborator), Richard D. Kauzlarich (Collaborator), Sergey Markedonov (Collaborator), Eldar Mamedov (Collaborator), Mohaiddin Mesbahi (Collaborator), Nona Mikhelidze (Collaborator), Ghia Nodia (Collaborator)
Publication Date
September 22, 2017
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