Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice

by Philip Cox-Hynd (Author)
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‘Change’ is a word that evokes a range of responses, many of them negative. Choice in this context can become a ‘choice’ between the frying pan and the fire! Simply, if you have to go on about how much of an opportunity change is, or how much choice you really do have, then the average listener’s mind will have already started to cloud with cynicism and thoughts like, “I am being duped!”

‘Change’ and ‘choice’ have differing implications depending on the context. Change can either be an exciting prospect or the cause of dread. The degree to which these two extremes and everything in between are experienced is directly dependent on the amount of choice we feel we truly have.

Mindfulness is the mental discipline to ‘stay in the now’ and become freer from that which we crave as well as from things we are attached to. When Mindfulness is practised it can affect the way in which an individual approaches change, and increase the range of choices that can be discovered within every apparent no-choice situation.

Writing in a conversational style, Philip uses a mix of analogies, real life stories and change management case histories to examine our psychological response to change and choice. One case history explains how the author applied his change techniques to the development team of VIAGRA, bringing the drug to market ahead of schedule.

The book explores the practical application of Mindfulness and the radical leadership required to deliver sustained change in our lives, be it within our families or workplace.

Simply, how do we discern mindful changes to embrace, from changes to resist? And how do we absorb change so that the new becomes the new norm?

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January 26, 2017
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