Michael Jackson

by Ananda Raamayan (Author)

Man Behind The Mirror explores the underlying themes behind Michael Jackson's life to give us a window into who he really was.. the role of music and consciousness, his role as a modern day Shaman in his concerts, and an exploration of his deep and personal poetry. 

This was written for his fans, those who loved and adored him and want to understand WHY they loved him so much

It's also written for those who did not understand the phenomenon and can now take a deeper look at the genius

“The enigma that was Michael Jackson is adored by billions for his musical genius, but the secret person behind the star has remained a mystery. This remarkable book uses Michael’s music and little-known poetry to reveal the hidden sources of his global vision of peace, love, and childlike innocence. This must-read book takes us on an amazing journey into the heart and soul of one of the most beloved musical geniuses of the modern world to truly reveal the ‘Man Behind The Mirror.’” Jeffrey Armstrong, Master Vedic Scholar, Author of ‘Spiritual Teachings Of The Avatar’



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June 25, 2014
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