Fear: Feel It, Face It, and Grow

Fear: Feel It, Face It, and Grow

de Mark Edick (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

Once it was normal for Mark Edick to live his life in fear-always running, always reacting, and usually acting out in destructive ways. Through learning how to live in the principles of his recovery, he found that fear can be felt, faced, and used in healthy and productive ways. The author gets to root of his fears and explains how he was able to view his fear in a new, more positive light and use it as a tool to shape the life he always wanted, but did not think he could attain.

Fear is a narrative reflection of the author's understanding of fear and how he learned to subdue and use it to his advantage. His down-to-earth approach and his examination of destructive thought processes bring fear in its many facets into focus.

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Date de publication
1 mars 2012
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