Water Wisdom

by Robert H. Wellington (Author)
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Water Wisdom is presented by the author with the hope that it might resonate in some small way with something deep within the reader; helping each to reconnect with an inner voice, their guide that waits in plain view, but is often hidden by the noise of the world. This guide is in reality one’s true Self. In deep silence our higher mind touches the Soul and in that instant all is revealed. That is why we all need to retire from time to time from the world and in quiet contemplation replenish ourselves. This journey when understood is a great joy. It may seem long but it is not a journey of distance. It is a journey of mental adjustment. It is a journey of realization.

This is the quest that our hero, Hall, finds himself on in Water Wisdom. This is the quest, which, all of us uniquely find ourselves on today.

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Publication Date
August 25, 2017
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