Celebrity Culture and the Entertainment Industry in Asia

by Vivienne Leung (Editor), Kimmy Cheng (Editor), Tommy Tse (Editor)

Offering a rare insight into the world of celebrity and media in China and beyond, Celebrity Culture and the Entertainment Industry in Asia deconstructs the dynamics of “stardom” and celebrity endorsement in East Asia, and examines its impact on marketing communications and media. Through first-hand interviews with celebrities and entertainment industry practitioners, the book discusses the social, cultural and economic influences of celebrity through topics such as self-identity, celebrity-driven consumer behaviour, gender and race stereotypes, idol worship, etc. Interviews with celebrities such as Kai-Wah Kwok, Bob Lam, Denise Ho, Hilary Tsui and Francis Mak present the reader with insider accounts of celebrity formation, management and marketing in Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as South Korea and Taiwan. These untold inside stories of celebrity endorsement and advocacy will stimulate both academic and general readers’ interest in rethinking the economic and cultural implications of the phenomenon of stardom.

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July 01, 2017
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