369 Days

by Michael Levitt (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

I wrote 369 Days to share my story of losing everything that people fear to lose, in a year’s time. This book will walk the reader through the losses, and how I came out of each challenge better and stronger than before. The book will show people how to create proper boundaries in their life, so they can prevent significant losses in their own lives.

Introduction – Chasing life goals has a cost. Focusing on the to do lists, countless e-mails, look around you. Right now wherever you are, you not only take up space, but you find yourself in one too. Maybe you’ve never considered it, but this space has incredible intentionality behind it. Someone designed it. Maybe someone else built it. And someone probably even maintains it. Hopefully, this environment is conducive for your goal: whether productivity, leisure, or study. But have you considered your leadership environment? Have you designed, built, and maintained that space too? The quality of your leadership environment determines the quality of your leadership impact.

Part 1: Burning The Candle At Three Ends - Your life and your leadership is getting the exact results it’s designed to get. When we experience undesirable results we have two choices. Average leaders focus predominantly on changing their results. This effort only produces incremental change and ultimately frustration. Exceptional leaders focus on changing their design. This effort produces exponential change and ultimately fulfillment. By designing a clear picture of the finished space we can then take the next step of building it. The first step toward getting what we want is learning what we want.

Part 2: The Cardiac Domino Effect – Suffering a health scare, which impacts your livelihood, can have long lasting effects on you, and your loved ones. Not taking care of you can create events down the road, which you will suffer greatly if not addressed properly. Health changes can impact your finances, which impacts your ability to keep the things you own.

Part 3: Growth Happens if you embrace it – With every change in your life, you have an opportunity to grow from those changes. Losing your way after a significant life event has its way of rebuilding you. Remaining optimistic through turbulent times is crucial, for you to come out on top.

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September 12, 2017
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