Emu. Emus as Pets. Emus Keeping, Care, Housing, Interaction, Diet and Health

Emu. Emus as Pets. Emus Keeping, Care, Housing, Interaction, Diet and Health

by Roger Rodendale (Author)
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Emus have been raised as pets for several years mostly because of their lean meat. There are several things about the Emu that make them the most adorable pets to have at home. They are wonderfully friendly and can even be very playful around the people that they have bonded with. The gait of these birds and the “goofy“expression that they carry all the time makes them a lot of fun to be around.

Of course, you need to be extremely cautious while raising Emus as they are really large birds that can become unruly and dangerous when not raised to be tame. When they are larger, there are several restrictions with respect to the space and the area that you can raise these birds in. However, if you raise emus as babies, you will see that they are just as great as any other household pet that climbs up into your lap, hides in small spaces in your home and just keep you entertained all day.

This book is the best guide for anyone who is setting out on their journey with their Emus. It will provide you with all the information that you require from sourcing your bird, housing them and even providing them with proper nutrition and care. The information that you will find in this book has been tested by emu owners. Therefore all the tips that you will read about are practical and easy.

Covered in this book:
- Behavior
- Bonding
- Buying
- Caring
- Diet
- Feeding
- Handling
- Healthcare
- Housing 
- Legal considerations
- Routine care 
- The history and origin of the species
- Travelling
….and much more

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Publication date
July 26, 2017
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