Dear Diary, I'm Pregnant

Dear Diary, I'm Pregnant

di Anrenee Englander (Editore)

In poignant and insightful interviews, Anrénee Englander presents the voices of ten pregnant teens as they discuss their experiences and choices around motherhood, adoption and abortion. First published to critical acclaim in 1997, this new edition contains the original interviews as well as d material including a resources section. Presenting different points of view, DEAR DIARY, I?M PREGNANT is a non-judgmental source of information for all teens that provides support and guidance for those who find themselves in this situation.

Chosen by The New York Public Library?s ?Books for the Teen Age? list and hailed by The Globe and Mail for its ??frank, revealing and brave conversations,? this is a must-read book for young women looking for reassurance that they are not alone.

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31 marzo 2010
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