Marketing Public Sector Services

by Jennifer Bean (Author), Lascelles Hussey (Author)

This book is one of a series of books entitled "Essential Skills for the Public Sector". It sets out the fundamental principles of marketing and applies them to a public sector context. The content includes the marketing mix, how to develop a marketing plan, market research techniques and examples of how to implement a marketing strategy and plan. It is increasingly important that public sector services are customer focussed and effective marketing helps to achieve this. Whether or not the public service being delivered is in a competitive environment, managers should see marketing as a fundamental part of the management process. There are worked examples and practical exercises which allow the theory to be put into practice, encouraging self-development and continuous improvement. The style is simple, easy to read, and accessible to staff at all levels within an organisation. It is an essential addition to a manager's toolkit of skills and knowledge. Contents include: What is marketing?; The marketing mix; The marketing plan; Marketing in a public sector environment; Practical use of marketing techniques

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October 01, 2011
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