Parts of the Main

Parts of the Main

by Jane Williams (Author)
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"Jane Williams’s Parts of the Main is her chemistry, abuzz in a murmuration of organic electrons that at once forms memory, then problems of translation – not solely of words, but in comprehending our modernity. These shape-shifting poems are an assignation of author to grace – with it, with her, we travel to Europe, her youth, to longings of elsewhere and an ever developing raison d’être." - Kent MacCarter

"Jane Williams is a poet who leans out of the frame, who turns your ear if not your head. In Parts of the Main we are caught - sometimes caught out -by her ‘days of blue and banter’, ‘eyeball spoils of war’, trees ‘falling like the bones of oracles’. She writes the tender, the vulnerable, the unshowable. Sometimes there is a touch of the brogue. Jane Williams answers the question ‘Will poetry be enough?’ Convincingly." - Lizz Murphy

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July 27, 2017
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