The Darkness

The Darkness

by Jason Hughes (Author)
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How would you react if you found out that you’re never alone because someone is always watching you? Would you still be able to close your eyes at night?  It was supposed to be a routine paranormal investigation for the Scientific Paranormal Researchers. That is, until Skyler, Alex, and Rachel unlocked the door to the other side. Now they must decide if Draven is telling them the truth about where he came from or if he is leading them into a trap. Anyone can knock on a door but not everyone can accept what happens after that.

The Darkness will introduce you to a world where science fiction becomes reality. Are angels and demons real and if so, what do they want with humans? Make no mistake, what you’ve seen on television about the paranormal is not accurate. Not even close. Will you join Skyler, Alex, and Rachel?


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July 14, 2017
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